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Book Coaching - Invaluable Support

Where has the time gone? Two months ago the Chasing Dreams Coaching Community for Writers was launched. The goal being to create a community where writers could find the support needed to complete and publish their manuscripts. In previous blog posts I have discussed the benefits of working with a writer’s coach. Having had the privilege of working with writers within this new structure it has provided even more validation that working with a writing coach is an absolute game changer.

My initial takeaways are still the same, but have evolved and expanded somewhat to reflect a deeper appreciation for the impact our writing community is having on its members, including the coach herself.

So, how has coaching this community reinforced my view of the benefits of working with a book coach?

Coaches provide perspective.

Coaches help you to find the way for you.

Coaches know what you don't know.


Coaches provide perspective.

The thought of publishing a book can be a daunting task. There are many layers that have to be mapped out and executed simultaneously. For example, on one hand there’s the actual completion of the book itself while also trying to implement your marketing plan. Trying to make sense of these moving parts, especially if you are new to the game, can be overwhelming. Coaches help you to see the finish line and help to break the journey down into manageable steps. Most importantly they help to minimise the incidences of unnecessary roadblocks. When I published my first book I approached illustrator after illustrator trying to find someone who understood children’s books. It was a frustrating task; yet as a result I have a better understanding of how to source the type of help I need.

Coaches help you to find the way for you.

There are many routes to publishing a book. However, no two authors have the same identical set of resources and goals. It helps to collaborate with someone who can help to sift through and choose what strategies will be most appropriate. This will be determined by factors such as budget, genre of book, and existing network. Certainly this lends itself to a more efficient process - efficiency with regard to time and resources. Coaches will keep it real, holding you accountable, empathizing with you when the process gets challenging while keeping you on track to meeting your goals.

Coaches know what you don’t know.

There is more to the publishing process than just the compilation of your book. Depending on the genre of the book that you’re working on there are a variety of professionals that you may need to access which you may not have considered. Knowing when to consult with a lawyer is an area that's often overlooked. When writing memoirs or using images of others it is always a good idea to ensure that you're operating within legal parameters. Enlisting marketing support or a guide for business systems, are also possible areas of support that may be needed.

The term coach can be misleading. It often connotes someone on the sidelines cheering you on. There is so much more to the role. On the contrary, book coaches will help you to create a path through the chaos to publish your book, in your way, aligned with your resources and timeline. They have the experience to anticipate the ins and outs of the less obvious aspects of bringing your book to life.

Need support for your writing projects? We have a range of options. We can help.

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