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Take Time to Celebrate.

This week I dropped everything to attend my son’s graduation. As much as it was a major milestone for him, it was for me as well. The call to action by the student speaker to the graduating class was - take time to look back at the mountains that you have surmounted thus far and draw from the strength that you’ve gained as a result of climbing them. Use this awareness to give you courage while you face the ones that lie ahead.

This resonated with me immensely. Wise advice for those of us who are decades ahead on this journey who need to be reminded that the journey of life is continuously filled with challenges, but we can take courage from what we’ve accomplished.

When launching any new endeavor consistency is key, especially in a field such as publishing. In the early days the gains can feel slow or you may feel like you are treading water. Make it a habit to stop and celebrate the small victories every now and then; to acknowledge the progress you’re making. Yes, you are making progress.

So, when the ‘big wins’ seem far away, what's worth celebrating?

  • The release of your book. Whether it’s your first book or twentieth, knowing that your book is available for sale comes with a wonderful feeling of accomplishment. That’s your masterpiece, your voice that’s out in the world. Months of re-

search, writing, editing. Your project is finally complete and ready to be shared. Be proud of this accomplishment.

  • Receiving the first copy of your book. Nothing beats opening that package. Feeling your book in your hand for the first time, opening the cover and turning those pages. Seeing your name on the cover. That’s part of your legacy. Something that will outlive you.

  • Your first sale. I remember selling my first book. I felt like the richest person in the world. Someone saw the value in my writing. It wasn’t just me. It’s such a validating feeling. Make much of that moment.

Don’t keep waiting on the big goals to materialise, for that big contract to come your way or the sale of your ten thousandth book to celebrate. Celebrate every step of the journey.

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