Do Children Have to Love Reading?

With all the wonders and distractions that technology brings to the table it seems that developing a love of reading in children has become increasingly difficult. However, it is a necessary skill and has to be specifically targeted.

Here are some suggestions which I have found useful over the years that have worked with reluctant readers.

Start with their interests. Allow them to choose texts which they find interesting. Allow them to explore different genres - from graphic novels to non- fiction books. From there it will be easier to introduce them to a wider variety of books.

Read with them. If you are encouraging your child to read for an allotted daily time then sit with them. Either get them started by reading to them or sit beside them while you read as well. If they see you reading they are more likely to give it a try.

Give them permission to not love reading. Really, give your child permission to feel as if reading is a chore. However, change the discourse to one of seeing the value in reading. Help them to see that it is a necessary skill even if they don’t love it. Show them how reading is applied in everyday scenarios. Who knows this necessary skill may eventually turn into a love for books.

Let’s just get our children started and see how it unfolds.

If you have other tips that worked for you leave a comment below.

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