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It Begins

Today I attended my third book reading for my newly published children's book #LoveHasWrinkles. It is still somewhat surreal that I have finally published a book that has been 10 years in the making. It is even more humbling when I share this piece of my heart and find that children really do engage with the content. One never knows when one creates a work of art how the intended audience will receive it and to see such interest was encouraging.

One of my young audience members asked how long it took for me to write my book. An answer of ten years was much longer than he had been alive. It certainly sounded like a very long time to write and publish a picture book. However, I am reminded that a work of the heart can never be rushed.

I knew that there was value in speaking about the important role that #grandmothers play in our families, and in particular Jamaican families. I knew that the pictures had to be realistic, vibrant and diverse. My belief as an Early Childhood practitioner is that young students must be able to "see" themselves and their families in the books they read. Their understanding of the world around them is still developing. Importantly too, the finished product had to be beautiful. I wanted Love Has Wrinkles to be a book that was a pleasure to own. One that would be read and reread many times.

So it is with great pleasure that I share my heart. For all the things that I write about reflect the invaluable impact of grandmothers on my own life and those dear to me. But that is what books are made for, aren't they? An insight into our deepest experiences.

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