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Just Write Already!

Writer’s block - it’s inevitable. It happens to the best of us at some point. And of course every writing guru on social media will tell you that you must write consistently to generate ideas and have an impact. Sure - except sometimes the ideas just don’t come even after staring at the screen endlessly.

So, here I am trying to pull myself out of this rut - where putting put pen to paper seems impossible. How do I shake it? How do I tackle writer’s block? And eventually the answer came.

Take a break. Upon reflection I realised that I was tired. Working on several projects simultaneously had left my creative pool depleted. So I hit pause - watched some of my favourite comedies and had some more tea. Whatever I needed to clear my mind. Once the dust had settled it was easier to think through the writing tasks I had to tackle.

Read and then read some more. For a little inspiration, I immersed myself in other people’s writing. I continued reading the Elon Musk biography I haven’t quite finished and I started the new Oliver Sacks release. I continued reading my favourite blogs, the topics ranged from writing to investing. By surrounding myself with other people’s writing - I hoped it would trigger some inspiration.

Write something different. I wrote a poem. I drew blank when writing my blog post. I had an idea for a new writing project, but the ideas still wouldn’t flow. Oddly enough a poem emerged. I hadn’t written one in years but it was just what I needed to help the juices flow.

So here we are, admittedly a little delayed, with not just a new blog post, but also a poem.

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