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My Grandmother - What a Legacy

I have been blessed with the influence of many "grandmothers" in my life. However, it was my maternal grandmother to whom I was the closest and for whom #lovehaswrinkles was primarily written. It was such a pleasure to sit with her through photo shoots, so she could be a part of the book, and it was a treat to share with her the final copy when it was published. She passed away recently and as devastating a loss it is, I was happy that she had been able to see this tribute to her and to know the influence she had had on my life.

As much as I will remember her for her cornmeal porridge, Christmas pudding and Junie's chicken. I smile at the many family stories she shared, tales of persons I had never met yet whose influence on our family still lived on. I am most grateful for her encouragement. I smile at the memory of her assurance that I will indeed be a great cook one day. And I treasure her admiration of whatever I goal I undertook. She thought I was so brave. Little did she know that I had learnt that from her. She was the brave one, for she had the tenacity to not give up on any of us.

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