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New Traditions

Christmas this year looked different.

A change in setting, a smaller gathering, quieter - no little children running around. And yet - it has been one of my favourites. In my recollection, it was the first in a long time where I was able to sit for Christmas dinner and truly enjoy the company of everyone there. There was no more bustling around making sure that everyone else was fine before I could catch a quick bite.

Rather, there was now time to have conversations and to laugh. There was time to make many toasts and to give thanks for so many blessings. There was time to start new traditions. This year we each took turns sharing our goals for the new year. It was so good to declare out loud and clarify our intentions with the support and advice of those we trust. It was wonderful for the young adults in our company to listen keenly to the stories and advice told by the ‘not so young’ adults of their life experiences and their early ventures into the business world. It was a treat for us all to share valuable advice with each other.

Truly a gem to wrap up the end of a difficult year and a reminder that:

Family and friends matter most. Time spent with those we love has become a source of strength and hopefulness this year.

Change is a constant. There is value in adaptability and the awareness that things will always be in a flux of change. The ability to keep going is essential.

Be open to constantly learning. It is the only avenue to continuous growth. So much of the ability to be resilient is being open to learning from others and from historical events. It is here that ideas will present themselves on how to keep pushing forward, how to adapt to changing times and how one’s sphere of knowledge can be extended into other areas.

Wishing you, my friends, a Happy New Year when it arrives.

As we look forward to the start of the new year what are your takeaways for moving forward?

Please share in the comments section below.

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