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The Audience - Great Response

One never truly knows how well one has written a book until the audience for whom it is intended has responded. This week I had the pleasure of being invited back to read at my friend's kindergarten class. She was running an after school activity which included some members of her class, who had already sat through one reading of the book. I was dying to see if #lovehaswrinkles still had some staying power for repeated readings.

So off I started and it was exciting to see that students still wanted to hear the story. Except now, they also wanted to try and read along. One student had received a copy and she was thrilled to share that that she too "has a Grandma and a Great Grandma". As a former Kindergarten teacher, who collects #childrensbooks, I've always gravitated towards books that either present a new discovery with each reading or tug on an emotional thread. As an author I wanted to be able to have the same impact on my audience.

It was certainly priceless when at the end of the book reading, my friend the kindergarten teacher, shared that if her Grandma were still alive she would want to be able to sit and listen to her tell family stories, in the same way that the Grandma in my book seems to be the repository of all the family tales.

What do you look for in a good #childrensbook? What are some of your favourites?

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