The Benefits of Joining a Writing Community

Updated: Jun 21

It takes a village. A timeless quote that can be applied to more than just raising a family. The writing journey can be a lonely one. There is much value in seeking out a writing community, whether you’re a new writer or seasoned veteran. There are valid reasons why surrounding yourself with persons on a similar journey can help to keep you on track.

Community provides motivation. It helps to be around like minded people. Just knowing that you are collaborating with persons who are on a similar journey is reassuring. They understand the pain points and they can appreciate the milestones (whether large or small) of publishing. A writer’s community provides a safe space to discuss the ins and outs of the writing process with persons who can provide specific advice on the challenges you may be facing. They get it, and that awareness makes it a comfortable space to show up.

Community provides accountability. Many online writing communities have a weekly drop-in writing session. Our Chasing Dreams Writing Community also includes a weekly small group coaching session. Although participation is generally voluntary for these types of events, knowing that it is a space where a structure is provided helps to keep you on task. Also, If you commit to a goal in the presence of others it makes it easier to act on that goal because there is always the possibility that someone may ask about the progress you’re making. There's power in knowing that others are looking out for your best interest.

Community provides structure. Life is busy. It is easy to get bogged down by the sheer volume of daily responsibilities or distractions that exist. It is helpful to have a scheduled time set aside for writing and other related activities. A community helps with this by providing writing sessions, webinars and coaching sessions. Knowing that a set meeting time exists makes it more likely that you will commit to the session.

Writing communities come in many forms, from drop-in writing sessions to paid subscription communities; or, you can create your own community of writers who you may know. The benefits are endless. As with any undertaking, it’s what you make of it. However, it just might be the right space for you to flourish and find the support you’ve been seeking for your writing journey.

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