The 'C' Word

Sigh...Tis the time for making goals and resolutions. Not that goal setting is a bad thing. We all do it at some point and in some way but what really makes for a success story - whether it’s finishing your first novel or starting that business. However, it's really consistency that determines whether the fairy tale really has a chance at a happy ending.

So with everyone throwing around the ‘c’ word I realised that there’s a little more to it than just writing for 10 minutes everyday. Consistency, is defined as one’s constancy in executing a task or series of tasks. So of course if your goal is to complete a marathon by the end of the year then committing to running a little everyday would be an obvious task to undertake.

However, I would like to suggest that there are some other ways in which consistency should be applied to truly be successful:

Consistency in showing up. Ensuring that your outlook remains positive and hopeful. There are days when I have to make a concerted effort to put in the work even when I don’t feel motivated to do so. This certainly feels harder to do when obstacles present themselves but by disciplining my thoughts and shifting them back to a place of positivity, I refocus on what I’m trying to achieve and keep pushing forward.

Consistency in values. You are your values. Trust develops when we are consistent with who we are when we show up. This is not just for our personal relationships but also professionally. Whether it’s with your colleagues or for your customers. Are you consistently showing up with kindness, empathy, accessibility and integrity? Are you showing up with your brand values intact in all interactions whether online or in-person.

Consistency in quality. How you practice is probably far more integral to making real progress than just mere practicing. As any artist or athlete can attest to, a commitment to showing up each day with an attitude of excellence and doing the best you can in that moment will ensure continued growth and progress.

I believe my focus for this year will be on remaining consistent on how I work towards achieving my goals. That seems to be where the medals are won.

What are your thoughts about consistency? Share them in the comments below.

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