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Why Book Coaching?

Towards the end of January I launched my book coaching consultancy. For those of you who have considered writing a book, you know the process can be daunting. A book coach offers guidance in a myriad of ways to get you from start to finish. Here are my 3 key takeaways on the benefits of engaging a book coach.

Help with navigating the publishing process. If this is your first time publishing a book the process can be daunting. Should you self-publish or go with a standard publisher? Hard copy, ebook or audio book? Do I need an ISBN? There are endless questions and steps to consider and you may not know where to start. Book coaches have the experience to guide and make suggestions based on your personal goals. They can assist in helping you to source and create the right team (e.g. editors, graphic designers and illustrators). They can also make recommendations for the best avenue to pursue (self-publishing vs traditional publishing).

Manuscript support. Need creative support? Many coaches will help you to develop an action plan to complete your manuscript or to get started. Most also offer a standard review package that examines the structure and flow of your writing to ensure that your manuscript is publication ready.

Marketing. Finalising and printing your book is just one step in the process. Developing a marketing plan to get the word out and to drive sales is equally important. Some coaches can help you to develop a marketing plan that extends from building momentum before the release of the book to creating a post publication strategy. They can help you to sift through facets such as brand development and audience identification.

Engaging a book coach is an ideal consideration for new authors, and seasoned authors who may be switching to a new publication process or genre. If you have ever engaged a book coach what other benefits have you found?

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