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Why Write?

In sharing my book #lovehaswrinkles I have been asked several times, "Why did you write this book?" I have discovered that each author has their own journey and source of motivation. For me, what started as an assignment blossomed into a tribute to the role grandmothers have played in my own life and by extension the role they play in Jamaican society as a pillar of support for working parents.

Even though the source of motivation may be different for writers everywhere, this in itself is important for #aspiringauthors to note. There is no "right" reason to write. Rather if there is an interest then it is worth pursuing. What I will caution is that it can be a long and arduous process. For me it was a journey of almost 10 years. From writing, to forgetting, to rediscovering, to rebuilding, to editing and finally publishing. And mixed into that process much cheerleading from those who having endured this process before me, encouraged me to not give up.

A journey for which I am most grateful. This work of art has been a true joy to produce and I am heartened by the positive response of my grandma when leafing through a copy of it for the first time.

#childrensbooks #grandmothers

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