Yes - You Should Publish that Book!

It has never been easier to become a published author than it is now. And yet, I meet people daily who have a passion to share their story but do not feel confident enough to get started. They don’t feel that what they have to say will have much impact on anyone. On the contrary, there is immense value in bringing your voice to the table and sharing your experiences.

I believe that there are 3 important reasons why the call to publish should be answered.

Someone needs to hear your story

Someone's breakthrough is dependent on our obedience.

Patrice Washington

Follow the pull to document the message you have on your heart to share. As Patrice Washington says, obeying that voice will be a source of encouragement, inspiration and guidance to someone who may be going through similar circumstances. Your approach may offer the reader an entry point or set of guidelines which they may not have previously considered as a possible solution.

I was in conversation with a friend one day and she mentioned that she had been inspired by my story of how I had prepared myself to enter the empty nest phase of my life. She knew this was soon to come for her and she felt a little more courageous about facing this period of her life. I had never considered that anyone would have found this to be helpful. Your story could have a similar or even bigger impact.

Your Message is Uniquely Yours

We all experience very similar struggles and circumstances. However, how you frame your story of the lessons learned will have your own personal stamp. There is a reader who is going through similar circumstances who will benefit from how you describe your experiences.

Marketing guru, Chris Do, said it best:

Ultimately, everything that needs to be said has been said before, but not by you. Not in your way. There's a person out there waiting to see someone like them speak in a way that they can relate to. That could be you, but only if you take that first step. Use your voice. Show them.

Your Book is a Historical Document

Whatever you publish becomes a public record of an event. It is a document that others can refer to at some point in the future about a historical event or personal experience. Any analysis of an event must take into account the perspectives of all involved in order to gather a holistic picture of what took place. Your point of view is one such perspective. It counts and is valuable.

We have to stop playing small when it comes to valuing our experiences and sharing how we have overcome the challenges we may have encountered along the way. Publishing is a great way to reflect on and to document your life’s journey. It is also a way to provide encouragement to someone else who is struggling to validate their purpose. Someone who needs to hear that it can be done and has been done by someone starting from a similar place.

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